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Free Shameless Plugs

You can add your shameless plug for your site. Note that the categories available to list your site under relate to the sort of topics on my site, so if you are also a graphic designer, you can list your site under "Graphic Design." But if you have a site on Sports Medicine, for example, you will need to list it under "Miscellaneous". The reason for this is to keep this list more appropriate to the subject matter of this site.

The topics available are:

Fonts: Font Designers, Typography, Font Downloads
Graphics: Graphic Designers, Free Web Graphics
HTML: Javascript/Java/HTML info
Mysterious: Gothic, Science Fiction, Supernatural Events, The Unusual
Other Arts: Music, Movies, Poetry, Literature, etc.
Personal Homepages: Pets, Friends, Family, Life Tales
Software: Free-, Share- and Commercial ware; plugins, presets, etc.
Tutorials (Web- and software related), Tips and Tricks
Visual Art: Fine Artists, Exhibitions, Galleries
Miscellaneous or None of the Above

You may list your site under more than one category, but you cannot use the same URL more than once. For example, if you offer both graphics and fonts, you can post under Fonts and under Graphics. Do not post under both Fonts and Graphics.

Shameless plugs are encouraged...needless spamming is not.

Post your shameless plug now!


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