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Custom Graphic Design Services

Thank you for your interest in my design services. Right now I am unable to take on any new clients or custom projects due to lack of time. If you only need a graphic template and art to go along with it, please take a look at my top headers. These have been very popular, and I am busily working on more designs.

I have been creating custom webgraphics, web sets and sites for my customers since 1997, but I have been working as a digital graphic artist since 1985. Anything from simple banners and logos to entire site layouts can be created for a fraction of the price one would pay a design firm, plus turnaround is generally extremely quick. I do not have a standard set rate per graphic since each job is unique, and are bid on based on my hourly charge. If you are interested in custom graphics, please contact me with as much information as possible regarding your graphic request. I will get back to you soon with more in-depth questions and/or an estimate.

You can pay for your order via credit card or by personal check. By signing up at PayPal, you can pay me for your design order online, securely.

Terms. Please read before emailing me

Minimum Charge. There is a $20 minimum on all orders.

Graphic Formats. All graphics will be created in either GIF or JPEG format. There is an option to receive the actual Photoshop files with layers at an extra charge.

Copyrights. I retain all copyrights to the graphics, however I grant the customer exclusive rights to use them. I will use them only in my examples of my work. I do not retain the right to reuse or re-sell them in any other fashion, unless the graphic is rejected or not paid for. Likewise, the customer may not re-sell the graphics unless a separate copyright has been purchased, generally at a premium charge.

Regular Discount Jobs and Priority (Rush) Jobs. Regular jobs are taken in the order in which they are received and are worked on as soon as possible. Priority jobs are given preferential treatment over regular jobs. If you have to have your job by a certain deadline, let me know and I will bill you for a Priority job, which is three times the regular rate. If there is no deadline for your work, I will charge you the regular, discount rate. Regular turnaround: small orders--the same day or several days from time I receive payment to completion of a job; large orders involving a lot of customized illustration--several weeks. If you want your job prioritized I can be hired to do a rush job in which your job will be given priority above all other jobs.

Things to keep in mind regarding Custom jobs...please read!

Colors, font styles, dimensions in pixels/inches, file sizes. I'll need to know as much detail as possible.

If you require a specific commercial or shareware font used on your graphic that I do not currently have in my library of fonts, I will need to factor in the cost of that font into my charges. If you own a license to use that font, do not send me the font. I am not licensed to use it--you are.

Will you only need web graphics, or will your logo also need to be printed out as well? At what resolution? Will it be 4 color or will it use spot colors?

If you will need the graphic printed out, please consult the printer you will be working with about this. I do not make these arrangements for you, however you are welcome to have your printer contact me about a project if there are certain specifications I need to be aware of.

I can accept check or money order or you can pay me online through PayPals.

All graphics will be either e-mailed or posted to a website for you to download. If you wish to receive them on media as well (CD or floppy), it will be extra to cover processing, the media and shipping...$5 per floppy and $10 per CD.

If you want revisions or adjustments, it will be my standard hourly rate to do that.

I never begin a project before I receive the initial payment.

The downpayment is non-refundable. In the event that complete payment is never received for completed graphics, I, Ann Stretton, retain all rights to said graphics and may re-sell them and redistribte them as appropriate. I will *never* redistribute any custom graphics that have been paid for in their entirety, as they become property of the purchaser.

Come see some examples.

Read my resume of graphic and art experience

Custom Graphic Design Services

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