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Links for HTML Beginners

Because I don't have the resources (like a secretarial staff) to answer the many questions I get on how to start a web page, please take a look at these useful sites:

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

HTML Goodies

Barebones Guide to HTML

But of course there's always my advice, and it's how I a copy of an inexpensive and easy to learn graphical HTML editor, read your manual, and practice, practice, practice.

A Graphic Gatherer's Resource of Respectability

These various sites are part of a universal force on the Web that stresses the proper way of using the graphics from free graphic resources such as this one. It is so important for newcomers to review the information at these sites. Remember, free graphic resources are doing a great service to those website creators who are not graphically able themselves. The least a user of graphics can do is respect the creator of the graphics by following the rules of the road as stated in these various sites.

11thThe 11th Commandment is Moyra's awareness-raising campaign to honor the creative web graphic artists on the web.

Silver clearly explains the harm done from swiping art images off the web.

SCOOPStop Cases Of Online Plagiarism Network. Information about Copyrights, copyright awareness and links to legal sites.

Web PrestigeReasons why not to ever reference or link a graphic off of someone else's server. Upload to your own server and give credit, please!

The big happening on October 1, and yes, yours truly helped come up with the idea.

All of the above link badges, with the exception of the 11th commandment, were designed by me. Upon visiting these sites and joining these campaigns you will find several styles of buttons that you can use to place on your site to show that you support responsibility on the web. You are also welcome to use these that I designed, too.

More Resources

These sites have been kind enough to provide a link back to me:

Free Web
Razor Designs
#1 Free Stuff
The Free Index


NEW! Review of Various Astral Plugins

Ann-S-Thesia Link Buttons

Review of AutoFX Mystical Series

Review of AutoFX DreamSuite


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