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These are presets to use with your favorite plug-ins, i.e., BladePro, Kai's Power Tools, etc. They are in .hqx format for Mac and .zip format for Windows.

Free for you to use, but you need to follow these rules:

These presets and any corresponding support materials can NOT be redistributed. You may use the actual presets to create graphics and you may redistribute the graphics you create with them, but you cannot redistribute the actual presets. You can of course create more presets with them for your own personal, non-redistributable use. You may also use them in creating commercially used graphics, but please buy some fonts or give me a big fat link on your page if you make $$$ off those graphics, OK? :-)

NEW! All presets are now also LinkTO-YOUware...a twist on Linkware. When you send in a donation to support this site/resource, we'll include a link back to you from our supporters page. The last 20 supporters get a link on our main page. It's just our way of saying "thank you" for helping keep this site running.

You agree not to ask me how to install them in your host application. I don't do Windows.

You agree to e-mail me feedback if they work or if they don't work. Please be specific with which presets you downloaded when e-mailing me.

If you believe that I saved these in an improper format for Windows, please please please contact me so I can potentially fix it.

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