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Software needed: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe ImageReady, Blade Pro

If you use this tutorial to make pearls on your website, please provide a link back to me, OK?

Start with a new document in your program. I made mine 60x60 pixels, and created a circular selection within it.
Step 1:
Go to Blade Pro. Select the 5th Bevel option. Crank up the radius so that it looks round and smooth and there are no "flat tops" on the bevel. Play around with the controls, using a fair amount of reflection, glassiness, and appropriate lighting. It's really your choice here, but you should end up with something similar to the image on the left.
Step 2:
Go to Lens Flare. Add your choice of flare. Voila! A Pearl! Sorry, but I ate the oyster.


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