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Software needed: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe ImageReady, Kai's Power Tool's 3.

If you use this tutorial to make paisley on your website, please provide a link back to me, OK?

Start with a new document in your program. Make it 100x100 pixels for convenience sake.
Step 1:
Go to KPT 3's Texture Explorer. Add a pleasing texture in colors you like.
Step 2:
Go to KPT 3's Twirl and select "Kaleidoscope" mode. Use a minimum of 10 slices. Angle doesn't matter.
Step 3:
Offset the image by one half of the dimensions, in this case, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical. Select "Wrap Around."
Step 4:
Select KPT 3's Twirl using Kaleidoscope mode again as in Step 2.
Step 5:
Offset again, but instead of using half the dimensions, use 1/3 or 2/3, or 1/4 or 3/4. I set Horizontal to 30 and Vertical to 70 here.
Step 6:
Select KPT 3's Twirl again, but use Twirl mode (instead of Kaleidoscope). Play around with it to get the characteristic "comma" look of the paisleys. You now have a tiling piece of paisley!
Step 7:
Use this last step to make the repeating pattern a little more interesting. Select KPT 3's Planar Tiling. Set the Angle to 45, -45, 135 or -135. Set the scale to 33. Voila!


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