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Recent Updates, Additions, and Changes

Three new images have been added to the Eyebalm poster gallery. These are the first in a series of twelve called "Spheramids" created with Bryce and Photoshop.
11.30.2002 Need the perfect Holiday Gift? Our full color 2003 Calendar has 12 months of Ann's Photoshop and Artmatic digital art and is available from our CafePress powered Art Objects store.

Other items for the holiday include: Poster Calendars, Greeting Cards, Postcards and a new set of Ceramic Art Tiles featuring Ann's beautiful digital art.
10.24.2002 A new font family from The Dingbatcave: Natureswirls consists of swirls, twirls and squiggles reminiscent of nautilus shells, horns and claws. A very decorative font, evocative of Pacific Northwest Native American designs.
9.30.2002 Something new! Daily Downloads offers a new graphic file each day. For October, the graphics are various spherical gems and cabachons.
9.27.2002 Please read the important information regarding purchasing items between October 3 and November 22.
9.17.2002 A new six pack of images in the Web Art-icles Gallery, this object I had a dream about a few months ago, so I decided to create an Art-icle based on it.
9.16.2002 I updated the "Top Border Background" Tutorial to give mention to the easier Cascading Style Sheet method.
9.14.2002 A new bonus font from The Dingbatcave, free with any font purchase. Ann's Seconds Five consists of frames, fancy remotes, swirly things and more!
9.7.2002 New Tutorial: SSI Image Secrets. Learn how to use Server Side Includes with images for unique, changing content. As an example of this in action, my new design utilizes a changing top header graphic that will rotate every day, depending on the date.

And about that top header...I created the keyboard entirely out of photography was used. I first created a keyboard layout in Adobe Illustrator, dropped it into Adobe Dimensions to give it dimensionality, and exported chunks of that file into Bryce 5. It took lots of time, but I love the results!
8.26.2002 More new fonts from The Dingbatcave: Stellars. Starbursts, hexagrams, round frames and rings make up this font familly.
More new Top Header Graphics and templates have been added.
8.23.2002 More posters have been added to my Bryce Poster Gallery at Eyebalm.
A new series of graphics: Top Header Graphics. Graphic art strips for the top of your webpage complete with template. Use as a non-tiling background with CSS, or as an image. Easily modifiable for weblogs, personal or professional webpages.
8.15.2002 As promised, new fonts from The Dingbatcave! Quadtiles are bordering, tiling, edging and framing fonts...beautifully embellished squares with intricate patterns.
First of all, I'd like to apologize for any problems you may have had accessing this site and my others recently. I was having host problems, so I moved my domains to another host who has better customer service, but their server is behaving slowly. They say they will be getting a faster server any day now, but I can't hold my breath too much longer. If anyone has any hosting recommendations, please contact me.

Second, I'd like to let every one know that AutoFX is announcing the release of DreamSuite Dreamy Photo, a Photoshop Plug-in, which they are now giving away FREE on their website! 

Third, as a bonus to anyone who's read this far, I'd like to make available a two-for-one offer for any item ordered through this site or The Dingbatcave that can be delivered by email, (fonts, web art-icles, graphic environments, etc.) which is everything except CDs. Just order an item like a font, and then send me a separate email requesting a 2nd font free. No mixing and matching, i.e., you cannot order a $10 web graphic environment and then request a free ($10 value) has to be for the same kind of item. You can request a free $10 font if you order a $15 font, but not the other way must be for the same or lesser value. I will be having this offer until September 30, at which time I will leave for vacation and be unavailable for a while. So stock up on your desired graphic goodies now!

Fourth, (you still here?) I will be having new fonts at The Dingbatcave any day (or hour?) now...just have to set the pages up.
7.23.2002 A new six pack of images in the web articles gallery, this one created with 3-D imaging program, Bryce, features a surrealistic retro futuristic TV set.
6.21.2002 I've added a poster gallery at Eyebalm featuring my latest digital works.
6.15.2002 Redesign! I wanted a slight change of colors. Let me know if anything seems askew.
6.9.2002 I've re-opened my CafePress's now Ann's Art Objects and it's bigger than ever featuring more items than before. I've also put up a brand new line of Wall Clocks featuring an Astrological clock as well as other images.
6.4.2002 More designs have been added to our Flying Disks CafePress store, a Flying Eyeball, Flying Saucers and a Solar Disk. They're all limited edition items, as CafePress will not carry the flying disks after this summer.
6.1.2002 Just added a brand new product to my CafePress store...a flying disk. This one is photosurrealistically embellished with faceted gems like citrine, amethyst and tourmaline, plus inlaid malachite and sugulite in a patinaed bronze and iron celtic style Dingbatcave ornamental dingbat frame. It looks heavy, but it will fly. Also, now until June 9, there's free shipping on all CafePress orders over $50, so this might be the time to open up your own CafePress shop to sell your own designs.
5.26.2002 A new addition has been added to our CafePress Store--limited edition coaster tiles are miniature works of art that can be used as coasters, or hung in a grouping on a wall as a miniature art gallery. The exhibition changes frequently, and past images may not be available again, so get your favorites while they are still available. A wonderful way to collect art inexpensively. The first exhibition features images created with Ann's Satellite Dingbat from The Dingbatcave, perfect for the nuclear family or a swanky retro dinner party.
5.25.2002 New products have been added to our Cafe Press store! Check out our new mugs, plus a brand new tote bag and tile coasters featuring a beautiful tromp l'oiel spiral design in silver, turquoise and semi-precious stones.
4.16.2002 A new six pack of images in the web articles gallery.
4.1.2002 A new six pack of images in the web articles gallery, Rose Windows.
2.26.2002 A new six pack of images in the web articles gallery.
1.21.2002 Another set of new images at the web articles gallery.
1.16.2002 Another new EyeSite, #24 Prism Mountain.
1.15.2002 Improvements to ordering: When ordering CDs through Kagi, you can now select standard, priority or express mail. I've also implemented PayPal on all individual Web Articles pages for those of you who prefer PayPal.
1.13.2002 Just added new images to the web articles gallery.
1.10.2002 In case you're interested, I changed my's now Ornamental Illness.
Added another new EyeSite, #23 Searchlight.
1.8.2002 Added a new EyeSite, #22 Shoreline. Am starting a new Phase of them that are not Blogger specific that can be adapted to any journaling script, either Blogger, Greymatter, or whatever you choose.
12.19.2001 Added a new tutorial: "Making Ghost Gifs." (It's probably not what you think!)
12.18.2001 NEW! Supporters and patrons of this site and The Dingbatcave will get a link back to their website. Find out how...
12.1.2001 I updated the EyeSites #s 16-21. You can now download all the graphics with them. Please read the the new information that comes with them. I still require a link back for all blog templates unless a license has been purchased.
11.29.2001 Just added to the web articles gallery: peace skyline!
11.27.2001 New font at The Dingbatcave: Primotifs. Dividers, square tiles, frames and navigation bars with an ancient, primitive look:
11.22.2001 Just added to the web articles gallery: spaceships!

Thanks to Blogger for the script.

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