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The Desert Island Selection, Fall 1999: Ann & Stan's Top CDs


If you would have asked me five years ago what would be my top choices for music to take along with me on a desert island, I probably would have come up with Nirvana, Hole, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and Nick-related bands, and maybe The Doors. Ask me 10 years ago I would've said nothing...I don't listen to music. Ask me 15 years ago I would've said The Damned, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and The Dead Kennedys. Nothing against any of the above-mentioned artists, but lately my choices have gone a little back into my past and resuscitated pre-punk faves from the 70s that I discovered when I was a college student in the early 80s, plus I've expanded my horizons horizontally rather than vertically. These selections go from the years 1967-1977, and many are from the centre of that era, circa 1972-73. If you ever for one moment thought the 70s sucked (I did when I was in them), think again! This music is not the 60s or 70s we have come to learn to hate. This will change your life!

I have them listed alphabetically so that no one can in essence be "#1" (although it's ironic that Eno takes the top 3 spots anyway, no?) I don't much like making lists, but I love telling people about the music I love in hopes I can get a convert, so a list was essential. Ask me next year and the list will change again undoubtedly, but I hope not. This is great stuff. Please take time to click on the links below and read the reviews given by third thing I'll never be is a great critic in terms of using knowledgable lingo to describe art and genres, so other viewpoints are helpful.

Another Green World, Brian Eno.

Before and After Science, Brian Eno.

Here Come the Warm Jets, Brian Eno.

Low, David Bowie.

Roxy Music, Roxy Music.

The Stooges, The Stooges.

Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy), Brian Eno.

Transformer, Lou Reed.

The Velvet Underground & Nico, The Velvet Underground.

Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie.

Runners Up: Berlin, Lou Reed; For Your Pleasure, Roxy Music; Diamond Dogs, David Bowie.


The first time hearing music stunned me so much that I couldn't believe the sound of it was while drawing late at night in the Colorado State University art building. It was the song Moss Garden by David Bowie and Brian Eno and the shock for me was that I couldn't believe anyone was creating music that sounded that incredible. Of course I also wondered why radio stations didn't play more music like Moss Garden, but the reality of radio is that I was lucky to hear the song at all, over the air, on a late night program in the fall of 1979. Outside of a few exceptions like this incident I've learned about the music I like over the course of many years from Ann and a few of my friends who are part of Biota.

In contemplating the idea of picking 10 CDs I couldn't live without, I have three possibilities that I feel horribly guilty for leaving out because there have been many times in listening to them that I've felt I couldn't live without hearing them. Please indulge me to mention them here before I move on to the ten that I know, at least up to now in my life, that I really couldn't live without: Lou Reed's Berlin, Joy Division's Closer, and Roxy Music's Country Life, all of which I used to have in vinyl before I foolishly sold off the records. Of the following ten I had six on vinyl and one of them I just couldn't part with because it is such a unique art object. Even if I can't play it again it's well worthwhile as a purely visual experience, and of course from these ten choices it can only be PIL's original Metal Box version of their Second Edition. Anyway, here is the music I would rather be dead than live without in alphabetical order according to title:

On Land, Brian Eno.

Bone Machine, Tom Waits.

Cluster & Eno, Cluster and Eno

Fun House, The Stooges.

More Songs About Buildings and Food, The Talking Heads.

Music for Films, Brian Eno.

Second Edition, Public Image Ltd..

Spinner, Brian Eno and Jah Wobble

Station to Station, David Bowie

Strange Days, The Doors.


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