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The Snowed-in Cabin Fever Selection, Fall 1999: Ann & Stan's Top Movies


Since music lends itself much more to images of being stranded on a desert island, then movies lend themselves to images of being snowed in, cuddled in a sofa with a blanket, a TV and a video player. These are my favorites, and except for the addition of Fargo and Velvet Goldmine, haven't changed much in the past few years at all, unlike music which is more in flux all the time. I found this list extremely limiting, and wished I had been able to include others like movies from Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood, but then it would be a top twelve instead of a top ten. No fair. They are listed below in alphabetical order...who can pick a #1 anyway?

Also be warned...I like black comedy, I am not offended by violence in fiction, and I like sick villains. But something else that is very important is a good film score or soundtrack. I'm not talking John Williams either. (gag) All these movies (and more!) we own on VHS.

Please take time to click on the links below and read the reviews given by third thing I'll never be is a great critic in terms of using knowledgable lingo to describe art and genres, so other viewpoints are helpful.

Ann's List

A Clockwork Orange



Fire Walk With Me



The King of Comedy

Pulp Fiction

Repo Man

Velvet Goldmine


There are a lot more movies that I like, and can see perhaps once or twice than I can mention or even remember. More importantly there are thirty or so movies that I hope to see many times over the remaining course of my life. From this handful of choices it seems unnecessary to make a top ten list, but I can select the most important by thinking of the ones that contain the most of what I need in a movie. Movies must be fierce and wonderful to get a thumbs up from me. I don't like to watch sentimental feel good, and isn't life just a sappy bowl of pleasant goo, dialogue in a star filled sequence of landscapes that really seems like some kind of government propaganda video on how everyone is expected to be living their really fakey feely goody lives. No way - none of that holy hollywood mental rot on my list because when I watch a movie I expect sinister madness, seductive beauty and the trancendant spectacle of seeing them inseparably linked within the same silver screen imagery. When I see a movie I want images that can make almost anyone feel the sorrow of blood seeping through the rocks where Cain gets murdered and entertain ideas that end in realizations that there actually could be someone ignorant and stupid enough to actually kill the guy. A really worthwhile movie needs either an external world or an internal journey that evolves within a five alarm tragedy that either transforms the souls of whomever it touches or completely destroys the people who are unwilling to be changed. In a movie I would be willing to see again and again I need to be able to find beauty and sorrow woven deep within the film's images and people. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Stan's List

A Clockwork Orange

Apocalypse Now

Blue Velvet

The Devils

Far Away So Close

Fire Walk With Me


Pulp Fiction

Repo Man

Velvet Goldmine.


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