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Welcome to, Aesthetics for the Universe Wide Web

Ann-S-Thesia offers you all the elements you need for creating an eye-catching site...web graphics, tutorials, dingbat fonts and custom design services.


4.10.2005 Honey, Lemon, Cognac or Butterscotch are delicious names used to describe the colors of amber. Indulge yourself in my latest TopHeaders inspired by this mesmerizing gem.
4.04.2005 I have been so busy that it's been very hard to remember to update these pages, so I apologize for not having the daily downloads ready the first few days of this month. They are in place now, though. Also, I just finished adding a few more items to my jewelry store which can be seen here.
1.3.2005 New TopHeaders! OrangeyGroovy! Funky 70s meets digital techno-color.
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Design an artistic and unique website with our various linkware and purchaseware web graphics and templates. Eyesites and Top Border Graphic Templates are great for weblogs, EZ-Suites--simple graphics for beginners, Environments--our legendary graphic offerings, and eXthetics--exclusive designs.
Create your own design and layouts with our Web Art-icles, graphic object Photoshop layered files, or download a helpful Preset (Blade Pro and more). Our Studio CDs contain lots of our dingbat fonts as well as presets (Graphic Studio) or incredible colorful patterns (Digital Art Studio). We also have CDs with all 190 of our Environments, Tarot Decks and Wallpaper.
Need more? How about tutorials, free background tiles and digital gems?


Sterling Silver Bali Beads
Beads and Findings from Indonesia
Dingbat Fonts
One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Sets
Jewelry Making Supplies
Malachite Jewelry
Desert Plants
Art Tile Boxes
Digital Art Posters
Picture Fonts

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