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Download Free Templates for Blogger here! We currently have 30 templates for blogger in our template gallery. Just added 6 on March 23, 2010.
Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin
I created the topheader on this site with some of the thousands of filters available. It is the best set of plugins ever!

PostHeaderIcon How to install a Template in Blogger

If you are new to using Blogger's templates, the instructions below will explain how to install a free blogger template that you downloaded from this site. There are two methods: Copy/Paste and Upload.

Important: It is suggested you create a new blog in your blogger dashboard for the purpose of testing out Trial Template designs, so as not to impact your working blog.

First Steps

  1. Log into your blogger account at blogger.com. You will see your blog (or blogs) listed on your Dashboard.
  2. Select "Layout" underneath the blog of your choice. It takes you to a page that allows you to rearrange your page elements.
  3. Click on the link "Edit HTML" underneath (and slightly to the right) of the "Layout" tab on the top of the page.
    It takes you to a page with your template. If you didn't create a new test blog to try this out, and you will be applying this new template to your existing blog, it is strongly advised you back up your existing template by clicking the "Download Full Template" link under the "Backup / Restore Template" heading.

Upload Method

  1. Unzip the zip file you downloaded. It will give you a file called "code.xml"
  2. Back on the Blogger page, underneath the text where it tells you to Backup your template, there's a line that says "Upload a template from a file on your hard drive". Select the button that says "Choose File".
    Navigate to where you saved your template file on your hard drive, and select the file "code.xml". Then select the button "Upload" on the blogger page.
  3. You can now view your blog.

Copy/Paste Method

  1. Unzip the zip file you downloaded. It will give you a file called "code.xml"
  2. Open the code.xml file in a text editing program.
  3. Select and copy the text in the code.xml file.
  4. Go back to the Blogger page above where you can upload your file, or edit the html of the blog. Completely delete the text in the template area.
  5. Paste the text you copied from the code.xml file into the template area.
  6. Click the "Save Template" button.
  7. If you added any extra widgets to your blog that you want to keep, select the "Keep Widgets: button. It is advised you do this so you don't lose any widgets you want, as it is easy to delete them later on the "Page Elements" page.
  8. View your blog and make sure everything is ok before saving the changes.