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Download Free Templates for Blogger here! We currently have 30 templates for blogger in our template gallery. Just added 6 on March 23, 2010.
Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin
I created the topheader on this site with some of the thousands of filters available. It is the best set of plugins ever!

PostHeaderIcon Frequently Anticipated Questions

Can you create a custom design for me?

Sorry, no. Due to the time, cost I would need to charge, and other factors involved, I can no longer take on any custom design jobs.  TOP

Can you customize one of your templates for me?

If you have purchased a template with graphics, I can do the following at your time of purchase:

  • Change a 3-column template to 2 and vice-a-versa
  • Change the main content in a 2-column template from the left to the right side, and vice-a-versa
  • Delete the menu on top of or underneath the header
  • Other minor adjustments...enlarge text, change text color, etc.

Some changes might not be able to be done due to the fact they may impact the entire structure or look of the design, such as enlarging the header, widening the page, etc.

These adjustments are done free of charge at the time of purchase only. I will need to charge for any adjustments in the future. Contact me as soon as possible after you purchase the template so I can do this for you.  TOP

Can I substitute a different graphic to adapt it to my site/blog?

Although you may swap out or substitute the graphics for other graphics that did not come with the template, I advise against it. Here's why: keep in mind that the templates are constructed with graphics that not only thematically but structurally fit together. If another graphic is substituted, problems will occur, I almost guarantee it, unless you are very good at making your own graphics and constructing templates...but then you wouldn't need to use mine. Please remember to keep a pristine, unaltered backup of all your templates.  TOP

If you have bought either a Basic or Pro License, you may remove the link.

I request you keep the link in place if you are using a Free or Trial template. It is a small price to pay for the opportunity to use a ready-made template for free.  TOP

I like a certain template, but it is for Blogger. I use WordPress. Can you adapt it?

Yes, I might be able to do that. Although I do not use Word Press and cannot verify if it works or not, take a look at my Other Templates page and read the information there. If they work as they should, you can purchase either a Basic or Pro Template of your choice, and I will adapt it to WordPress for you at no extra cost.  TOP

Can I use the template for something other than Blogger?

There are several answers to this question. First of all, the templates that you can download for free from this site are not regular HTML templates. They are the code that plugs into Blogger to give your blog style. You can't use it for anything other than Blogger.

However, I can adapt a certain template style and create a separate HTML page from it. You can then use that page as a template to create more pages. (That's how I made this site, BTW) Of course you really need a good basic knowledge of HTML in order to do this. If you are not familiar with HTML, then it would not be a solution for you. Please check out the Other Template page for more information. Also, if there is another blogging or CMS (Content Management) system you use, check out that page and see if yours is listed there. If it is, download the test template zip file for it to see if it will work. If the test templates works for you, then yes, I can convert the template of your choice from my gallery.

Keep in mind that I am an artist, not a coder. It is the graphics that are the selling point, not the code. If you like the graphics and have a way of adapting them to any CMS of your choice, you can still purchase just the graphics only, and you can adapt them as you like.

I can also adapt the template to HTML 4.01 Transitional...see above for details.  TOP

When I view my blog, the Blogger Navbar on top has disappeared. How can I get it back?

I have the navbar removed by default on all my templates. It has been known to interfere with the layout, and it appears more users prefer not to have it.

If you have purchased either a Basic or Pro template, I can put the navbar back into your template at the time of purcase for you at no charge. Just contact me about it.

There are also tutorials on the web how to do it, which may be quicker than waiting for me to get back with you about it. Just google "show navbar on blogger" for a myriad of results.  TOP