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Download Free Templates for Blogger here! We currently have 30 templates for blogger in our template gallery. Just added 6 on March 23, 2010.
Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin
I created the topheader on this site with some of the thousands of filters available. It is the best set of plugins ever!

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It's pretty simple, really. Buy the graphics for the corresponding free template you downloaded, you get an awesome-looking blog, I get paid for my hard work, and we're both happy!

Kinds of LicensesHow to OrderInstallation StepsAbout Self-Hosting

There's two kinds of licenses:


If you would like to use your template with all the graphics, you can purchase a non-exclusive Basic License for only $10. This will allow you to use the graphics forever...or at least until you get tired of blogging, or at least until Blogger decides to overhaul the way it processes templates (you'll still be able to adapt the graphics as you wish, however). Graphics are good at one blogspot.com address (e.g., yourblogname.blogspot.com) or at one domain (e.g., www.yourdomain.com) at a time. Which means if you decide to no longer blog at plaidhairgirlwithfivepetnewts.blogspot.com, you can use the graphics at your domain, fivepetnewtsandthreeangrybulldogs.com.


If you want exclusive rights to a certain design, and we have not previously sold it on a Basic license, you may purchase an exclusive, unlimited license. You get to use it on as many or as few websites (blogspot.com and other domains) as you wish. You will also be the only one using the major graphics, as no further licenses with it will be sold. Pro licenses vary in cost.

How to Order

  1. Go to the Template Gallery and find the design you want to purchase.
  2. Decide whether you want a Basic or Pro license. (Note, Pro licenses are not available for all designs.
  3. Click the corresponding PayPal button.
  4. Pay through PayPal.
  5. If you would like to self host the images, immediately after you purchase is the time to let me know by emailing me at ann at ann-s-thesia dot com.

Installation Steps

When you purchase/license a graphic template, we will send you a zip file of the NEW template code that contains the full versions of the graphics not available in the free versions. This code installs in the same method as with the free versions, explained here, unless you want to Self-Host the images at your own domain. Please read the information below regarding self-hosting.

About Self-Hosting

If you want to self-host the images on your own ftp server, you can do that instead of us hosting them at Picasa for you, but you will need to let us know after you order if you want to self-host so we know how to prepare the file for you. You will need to know how to FTP to your server, and you will need to know how to edit the xml file we send you. In other words, you need to be fairly knowledgeable with web protocol and editing html pages.

After you purchase the graphic template and let us know your intent to self host, we will send you an xml file of the code that you will need to tweak before you use it at Blogger, as well as a folder of images that are used in the template. Using a simple text editor, you will need to change all occurrences of images/ in the xml file to http://yourdomain.com/yourdirectory/ (naturally, you use your own domain name and whatever directory you place the images in). Then you will FTP all the files in the "images" folder to the directory in the url you used above.

Visit my Info page for more information about licensing graphics.