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Important Message about Free Email Accounts

If you are planning to buy some Web Art-icles and use a free email program like Yahoo or Hotmail, please read this.

Because Web Art-icles are not flattened files, but full multi-layered files (which is why they're so versatile to work with and such a great learning tool as well), the sizes are large, some up to 2 MB per file, meaning a six pack will be well over 10 MB. I usually don't send all six at once, but even sending two emails of one file each has caused problems for customers who use free email accounts. These accounts usually have a limit on the cumulative size one can keep in one's mailbox, meaning if I send you two files and the last one causes you to be over the limit, the file gets sent back to me as a "mail delivery failure." (I have a 56K connection which usually connects much slower, so that's a real time waster for me to have to receive my own file back. ;-) )

What can you do?

Most important, make sure that the email you use to purchase (either with PayPal or Kagi) is with an account that has a high file size limit.

If you only have access to Yahoo or Hotmail or another free email account, make sure that you empty all contents of your account after you place your order.

If you are using a free account and if you order multiple Art-icles or a six pack, I will only send one file first, just to make sure you receive it. Once I receive your OK, I will send another one. Please empty your account after each Art-icle received. I will repeat this process for every Art-icle you order; I will not send any more until I have your OK that your account is emptied, that way I won't have to receive my own files again. ;-)

Thank you for your continued support!

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