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July 2019
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Ann-S-Thesia’s Aesthetic Pharmacy

The Original Visual Apothecary and Graphic Emporium, Established 1996.

Install WordPress Theme

Installing one of our Themes on your self-hosted WordPress blog or any kind of wordpress web hosting is a snap, thanks to WordPress’s easy interface. (Please note that you cannot use any third party themes, including ours, if you host your blog at, but you CAN use our background tiles and images.)

  1. Download the theme you want to use. It downloads a zip file to your computer. Don’t unzip it.
  2. Log into your WordPress site.
  3. Either using the grey Admin toolbar above your blog or the left sidebar on your Admin panel, select “Appearance.”
  4. Go to “Themes” and select the “Install Themes” tab.
  5. Click the “Upload” link under the top tabs. It takes you to a page where you click the button “Choose File” or “Browse” depending on the browser you are using. Navigate to the zip file you downloaded, select it and select “Open” or “Choose.” Then select “Install Now.”
  6. WordPress installs the zip file and will tell you if your theme has installed successfully.
  7. You can Preview the theme to see how it looks. You can choose to activate it or return to the Themes page.

Old Pages

Looking for the previous version of our site? The pages are still here.