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I offer many opportunities for all to take advantage of increasing their own site's traffic with very reasonable advertising rates for advertising.

Select from standard Banner ads (you provide your own, or I can create one for you at a reasonable fee) or from my new Gem Links.


The various pricing structures are listed below.

Banner Type
Size in pixels
Maximum size in Kilobytes
Home Page "home.shtml"
All Other Pages
Top of Page
Bottom of Page
Top of Page
Bottom of Page

Each ad is good for one month on one page. Ad rotation (changing the ad during the middle of the month) is $2.00 per rotation. This is not automated; this is a hand-placed process.

Which pages are available for advertising?

All pages. The home page ( is a premium location and main entry point, and therefore cost more. All other pages are at the lower rate.

How to sign up

If you would like to become a sponsor, e-mail your listing to and state in your e-mail that you are interested in advertising on Ann-S-Thesia's. Let me know which page of mine you want your banner to appear on. I will check out your site to make sure it is not pornographic or selling illegal products or promoting illegal activities. I will then request your banner in either GIF format, static or animated, or JPEG. It must be less than the maximum kilobyte sizes for the appropriate Banner Type--see chart above. You can pay for your advertising online through Kagi (worldwide, all major credit cards, check, money order) or with PayPals (U.S., Visa/MC).

Your banner will appear on the first of the next month and remain there (unless you request and pay to have it switched) until the last day of that month. If I don't receive your payment within two weeks after you e-mail me your banner, I will assume you are no longer interested and remove your banner from my files.

Advertising is not refundable. Once you pay in advance for space, I cannot refund your money if you change your mind.

Banner Sevices

For those of you who do not already have a banner available, I can create one for you for a reasonable fee. Contact me for an estimate.

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