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Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin
I created the topheader on this site with some of the thousands of filters available. It is the best set of plugins ever!

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About the Graphics

I started out using Photoshop back when I used to work as a Mac Artist/Typesetter in the early 1990s. I still use it today for most all of my graphics. But Photoshop can't do everything. Which is why they invented cool, groovy plug-ins.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

I lost the ability to use some of my favorite Plugins from the '90s when I got my Intel-based MacBook Pro. I went through a grieving process. But fortunately I just recently discovered Filter Forge. I used Filter Forge for most of the graphics on the new version of this site (except for the blue-green gem in the flower on the right). It makes flowers. It makes spheres. It makes bottles, citrus slices, clocks, metal grates, groovy backgrounds, eggs, eyeballs, alien metal textures, chains, plaid, knits...heck, someone will someday invent the Kitchen Sink filter in Filter Forge. When I say "someone" it could be a number of people because Filter Forge also allows users to create filters through a node-based interface. I've not made any filters myself, but I adapt them to create my own unique presets.

I can't say enough great things about Filter Forge. Go check it out!

About the Artist

I have been running this domain since 1997, offering free and commercial graphics that I create myself using a myriad of techniques. I have an MFA in Art from the University of Wisconsin, and a BFA from Colorado State. I actually studied painting, used to exhibit a lot, mostly in Colorado and Wisconsin, but have also been working on Macs since 1985.

I live in Madison with two dogs and two cats. My husband, Stan Starbuck is a wonderful cook and cactus grower. We met in art school many years ago.