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Ann-S-Thesia Graphics and Designs has been providing the internet community with ready-made and custom-created artwork in the form of web graphics since 1996. Although there are many people on the internet offering design services, I am one of the few coming from a fine arts background (MFA, 1993; BFA, 1984) who has branched into this medium. I specialize in graphic creation, and have over 15 years experience working with Macintosh-based graphic programs through various desktop publishing jobs and as a freelancer. With a combination of my art background and computer experience, I have developed my site into a graphic resource for those with all sorts of graphic needs, from those who desire customized graphics, and the web designer who wants ready-made graphics, to the graphic artist who is looking for presets and dingbat fonts to add flair to their project.

If you are looking for an artistic designer who can create a wide range of images, designs and illustrations from the simple to the complex, please take a look at what I offer from my large selection of downloadable graphics to my custom services.

Besides this site which speciaizes as a graphic resource, I have two other domains, The Dingbatcave and Eyebalm, which features dingbat fonts and fine art, respectively.


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